Monday, September 19, 2011

college start!!!

wow !!! college is now reopen for Us wakaka....
ishz gonna start gambateh for this entire new semester heiso heiso~~~~

Flash Back last sem 

we have finished NASam event successfully ^^ good job
Right after tat we have moved our heavy ass to P.Pangkor right after Exam ~~~ wahahahhaha
quite enjoy for the trip ler... does it mean our college life have coming to an end soon ????

unknown !!!! or No Ideas !!!

wahahhahhaha jia you ba miao ^^

Monday, August 15, 2011



Friday, July 15, 2011

wat i have did ????

am i wrong ???

oh god.... i have forgotten that i am having this blog for a period of time...

you know why? this is all because of the assignments in college..

ishz all comes at a time.... tiring loz...
( enjoying actually )


lolz today, i am now just back from dinner with group mates after a whole day preparation for the event...

but the bad news is ... two of my friends have meet road accident today... good luck for them.... thanks god for saving them... XD

during the dinner, we were having a great jokes time with wei wei .... * her expressions is fantabulous!!! hahhahhaha ... thanks her to cherish me from stress n ...... ....

anyhow, i hope tat the event will not come to me that faster because there will be something to be happen soon which i dont want it to be .... ishz ~~~

yes, about the event. i really want to thanks to all of my groupmates who have help me and save me alots. thanks!!!! thanks !!!! and thanks!!!

loz drinking now~~~ that why i am so many words to say ...wahahhahhaha....

friday really a good emo days ....

there are many words are difficult to post them on9 ... >.<|||

Sunday, May 29, 2011

is time to give up???
haiz ....
muahahahhahaha... nothing much to write ....囧

Saturday, April 30, 2011



jz got a call frm Susu during my sleeping time.....
asked me wanna yum cha or not??? I sure ON lar wahahahhaha .... damm boring at home....

Then i am driving susu's car coz she cant drive in rain....=.=|||

finally , we reached Dolphin at Pandan Indah... wahahhahahha
ishz... alcohol again....

all high again...... >.<||